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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
Good lord you are stupid. Let me explain. You want to tell ME the main point and reasoning of a violent man who is out killing people based on a rambling manifesto he wrote. So in fact, you are the one who is trying to reason with a psycho. That is, you are the one who is trying to understand why he is doing what he is doing. You are, after all, telling me you know more about the "suspect" and his "motive" based on a lengthy manifesto that says a lot of different things.

I'm telling you that this suspect has MOTIVES, as in plural. As in more than one. And due to his rather high view of himself, it's really presumptuous of YOU to tell ME what is the MAIN GOAL of this guy's rampage. I'm saying he has, and follow me on this because it's a big word, an AGENDA.

You do need a time out. You need a time out to figure out what you are talking about becuase I don't think you even realize just how idiotic you look.

Look, you're angry. You feel betrayed. The Broncos played not to lose and that's exactly what beat them. We get it.

Lighten up. Get a massage or something.
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