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Stewart: 53 guys on a roster, but when you look at the way it breaks down, you got quarterback, two tackles, two pass rushers, two corners. Those seven guys, is that the core for success, that if you have good guys in those seven spots you can win?

Reid: Yeah, normally you would say that. Normally you'd say take care of your offensive line, defensive line, corners, and quarterback, you can compete in the National Football League.


When you analyze this part, we are really in pretty good shape. Got to re-sign Albert, but Albert and Winston at the Tackles. Winston probably is a really good team guy to have here... we just all hated he defended Cassel.

We have Hali and Houston as the two pass rushers.

We have Flowers as one of the corners. Probably could use an upgrade at the other, but we do have some young guys that have gained on-field experience that maybe will get better with an off-season running with the #1's. Or maybe the free agent route that they are scouting out. IIRC, Reid brought in several corners from other teams during his time in Philly.

We were 2-14 with nearly all of these pieces already in place. The arrow is pointed directly at the QB position.
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