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Originally Posted by HotCarl View Post
Will we turn the keys to the franchise over to:

Someone who dominated the Big East, but couldn't win games in the Big 12? Who only beat one Big 12 team besides ISU and Kansas?


Someone who was quarterbacking in the NFC championship game last year and posted a 90 QB Rating?

Which sounds like the better bet?
You are really a sad Carl Peterson-wannabe with your eternal erection for crappy 49er QBs. Thanks for confirming.

If you actually watched the NFC Championship Game last year... which you clearly did not given the nature of your inane comments... you would have recognized the fact the 49ers had zero downfield passing game thanks mostly to Alex Smith's inability to throw the ball downfield.

Alex Smith's limitations were exposed.

He can put up a good QB rating, managing a conservative passing offense behind a good running game, offensive line and stifling defense... yet when it is needed for him to make plays downfield in the passing game he comes up short.

Sounds like pretty much every QB the Chiefs have had... save for a flash or two from Joe Montana and Trent Green... the past 20+ years.

The stink from your True Fanisms are getting old as is your lame "I secretly love Carl Peterson" act.

Kill yourself.
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