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Originally Posted by Saccopoo View Post
Yep. All day long.

At the same stage, Smith is a more accurate and accomplished passer than any of these guys.

Not really. I think he's that good or, at least, has that much in terms of potential. I've watched him a ton. He's got all the tools, experience, size, arm strength, work ethic, etc.

As well, you are living in a revisionist, hindsight world a bit.

Eli wasn't the end all be all and really benefitted from the family name more than anything. As well, up until that first Super Bowl/Playoff run, there were the rumors of him being a bust. Rivers hasn't done jack shit. Very accurate college passer (that KU/NCST bowl game was one of the finest college QB performances I've ever seen), but he's a horrible red zone QB and is most likely on the downward slide. SD fans want him gone. Newton was a freak, but a horribly inaccurate passer. Rogers had questions about his accuracy and decision making. Rothlisberger was a smaller school guy who lacked athleticism. Plus he's a stupid raper. Griffin was a third rounder up until the last quarter of his final season where he won the Heisman and hit the combine. And I still don't like his game, especially considering his size. He's not thickly muscled like Vick or huge like Steve Young. When he's sitting on the bench due to injury, all those draft picks given up don't look so good.

NFL has him as the fifth rated player. Chiefs have him as the seventh. And, IMO, there isn't a guy in this draft that has the potential/ceiling Geno does for their respective positions.

Wait until the end of this month after the combine. This is nothing.

Personally, I think Geno being the 1st pick or not is going to come down to the interviews and meetings with coaches and front office people. The mini meltdowns on the sidelines are the only drawback to Geno I can see. He ace's that part of the draft process, and he is the pick.
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