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Originally Posted by DaneMcCloud View Post
No, it's not.

The Combines haven't even taken place yet in the minds of many CPers, Smith is a Super Bowl QB that's unquestionably the number overall choice.

Yet, outside of this forum, he's viewed by many as a second rounder, a guy with questionable leadeship skills and for certain, he's no where near the consensus number one pick.

Now, that's not to say that he won't become those things, but similar things were said about Jimmy Clausen a few years back, yet he fell tothe second round and has sucked ass in the NFL.
I think most of us believe that the 5th to 7th overall ranking that some have him listed at is far more realistic than the 2nd round talent that others have him listed as being.

Therefore it is not as much of a reach to see him going 1st overall to us.

Hell, many of those who say he is too big of reach to take at #1 have him going 3rd or 4th and being a good pick at that spot.
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