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Originally Posted by ROYC75 View Post
To be honest here, no need to be chicken little here. Sure this is rare for a KU team to lose 3 games in a row. Our offensive signs have been showing for sometime now and this didn't have elite written all over it to start with. This team is what it is, a team with some very good talent on it that when it's playing it's best, can beat anybody on any given day, capable of winning a NC.

So why is this year any different of the teams that didn't win it all ? It's not, we just have not gotten to the NCAA big dance yet. This team has talent, but in this year where there is so much parity across the country, one can not just win on talent alone.

I would much rather be seeing this sloppy, unfocused play happen now than later in the season. Plenty of time for HCBS to right the ship.

I'd rather not see it at all.... but that's not practical. However, if we're seeing it now, we'll probably see it in march too even if they do temporarily fix it.
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