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How can I check that? Is there a website that would tell me this if typed in the make and the model of my projector?

Or maybe call InFocus (the projector brand) and ask them?

BTW, many thanks for the link.
Yeah, look for the model # on the unit and you should be able to find specs online. Or google "model # + HDCP" and someone will likely have asked this question on some av forum. Or if you can find the manufacture date, you'd likely be able to rule out that it's not HDCP compliant if it's made after "X" date. HDCP really only seems like an issue for products made when digital media was coming of age. Or sure giving them a call couldn't hurt.

PS: Also best to buy your HDMI cable from monoprice or an online equivalent. If you've never heard, hdmi cable prices at places like Worst Buy are a rip off.

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