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Originally Posted by Direckshun View Post
Hey folks. Regular DCers, and everybody else.

This past weekend I asked the forum what makes DC a cesspool in their eyes.

There were many answers. Some was that too many people are stupid. Some were that there are extremist conspiracy types that make discussion difficult.

But the overwhelming answer is that too many people act like recalcitrant assholes who too often shit on people instead of promoting a discussion.

So I thought I'd throw an idea out there. I brought this up for the mod team, and they told me that if I put it before the people and DC was interested, we could get something moving.

This is a suggestion for potentially increasing the quality of posting in ChiefsPlanet's DC forum. As we all know, this place is legitimately a cesspool. We all know it is, we all agree it's a mess of haters and idiots and conspiracy assholes.

For ten-plus years, ChiefsPlanet policy towards that forum is "light" moderation, which means the best possible course of action is to let the maniacs eat themselves, but mostly to just keep that shit out of the Lounge (which I don't blame the mod team for, not one bit). That policy has permitted the DC forum to be pretty rough for most posters to participate. And the few that do participate regularly aren't that big on it. We have a pretty high turnover rate in the forum.

A new suggestion: temporarily test out a new policy, which is that of elevated moderation. There's not a lot you can do about stupid people (myself included), or folks with extreme views, but there is plenty we can do about people just acting like assholes to be assholes. For a small period of time (like six months, or even three months), ChiefsPlanet could implement an Asshole Ban on DC, meaning everybody in that forum must be respectful, and refrain from simply shitting on people, at the risk of something like a 1-month DC ban.

That may require more moderation, which much of the mod team would be unwilling to do because, c'mon, this place is a cesspool. As a result, this forum would casually elect a DC Asshole Panel, which would be a four-person board (two liberals/Democrats, two conservatives/Republicans) who regular the forum and can signal instances of assholery to the mods for a temp ban. In order for the panel to officially tip off a mod, three of the four members must agree that the Planeteer in question is in fact acting like a genuine asshole.

All of this is a complicated way of saying that DC doesn't just have to be a trashcan to keep the Lounge clean. I've been on (and am on) other boards where the political forum is a thriving exchange of ideas. And I don't mean to rob DC of its sarcasm, wit, or ribald humor. Just the blatant assholery from all sides that makes it occasionally tough to bear.

I send this suggestion up for your consideration. The poll above will stand for a week. (I would like it if a mod could sticky this thread? Too much to ask?) At the end of the week, if we at least have a plurality in favor of testing an Asshole Patrol, we'll take the next steps which would include selecting which members we'd like to serve on it.

Poll forthcoming.

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