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Originally Posted by BucEyedPea View Post
Well, you're wrong. Read How Capitalism Saved America by DiLorenzo and you'll find that roads were built by private interests before then; that most infrastructure projects have been boondoggles. The problem with the word "infrastructure" is that it keeps expanding to include more and more things that were not always part of "infrastructure." Now it's healthcare.
I agree with you on this. Let me be clear about something. I do not want empty infrastructure projects with limited value-add. Yes, we need to repair and maintain our infrastructure (roads/bridges), because there is a cost to the risk of not doing it. The reason I am intrigued by HSR is that I believe there is value-add. Infrastructure should enable people/businesses to do things they couldn't previously do, and it should do so in a significant enough manner that it justifies the cost and resources put into doing it. I am intrigued by an HSR only because I believe the overall value it provides could justify the cost.

Yes, I know, pro-federal government growth. It's not the govt's job to enable business Mr. Hamilton. The issue is, we're bankrupt. Yet we have so-called self-labeled "fiscal conservatives" calling for more spending either because it's a small amount or whatever. A fiscal conservative knows how to say "no" to such arguments as yours and others. They would be like Scrooge. At least for the time being.
Bankruptcy is a function of both having too much cost and not bringing in enough revenue. Fiscal conservatism doesn't have to be about rubber-stamping every last initiative that brings expense. It's about demanding that projects be evaluated on true ROI. Scrooge would be terrible at running a business. Scrooge is a guy who hoards cash or refuses to invest money back into his company.

Business growth is based on businesses providing services and products people are willing to exchange their money for. It has been just fine in this country without such a rail system. ( excluding the Federal Reserve bubble-bust under Alan Greenspan)

You're full of shit, when you claim to be a fiscal conservative.
I never said I was a fiscal conservative. I said I lean fiscal conservative, Just because we waste a ton of government money on horrible projects, doesn't mean there aren't plenty of good projects. You are oversimplifying business growth strategy. Business growth is best achieved by investing back into the company. Cost savings is not a growth strategy, unless it means you invest those savings back into something. You can invest it in automation to continue to reduce your operating costs, or you can invest it in R&D or adding new plants of stores. Cost savings and then hoarding those savings is NOT a growth strategy.

This is the problem with America today. We used to have world-leading products and innovations. Today, we've fell behind in so many industries. Part of that is because government has increased the cost of doing business, the other part is that executives are hoarding cash that should be invested back into the business. The common them in both is that they are not investing in long-term things that will improve their status in perpetuity. A machine that improves your efficiency for 20 years shouldn't be viewed as an expense. It should be viewed as an investment.
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