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Originally Posted by luv View Post

I'm wading through all of that.

Just doing some reading, and remembering what my trainer told me last year. Carbs before a workout and protein after. So, on derby practice nights, I plan to eat some yogurt before practice, and try to find a protein to eat after. If all else fails I could have a protein smoothie after practice, and try to eat some eggs in the mornings.

The thing I have with eating too much after practice is that we don't get done until 9 or 10 at night, and I hate eating that late. A lot of times, a group of girls will go somewhere for half price appetizers somewhere after practice, so I end up going and hanging out. I may have to start just getting water and carrying a protein bar in my purse.
Yogurt can be a good source of protein. The Chobani yogurt I eat has 14g of protein per serving.
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