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Originally Posted by Prison Bitch View Post
Ok. I claimed 80K between the two cities and it looks like it's only 78K. The composition mix is a bit off but your numbers seem believable.

MU's enrollment is actually only 26,545 if we look at undergrads only, which is your listed KU number here. Enrollment has spiked a bit the past few years and is an all-time high for MU. And which is, by most rational people's eyes, about as close to KU's size as they are to any other school in America.
I always thought the comparison between MU-KU enrollment was pretty funny coming from MU fans.

Being that Kansas is a state with less than half the population of Missouri and has an entire second BCS level school (KSU) I always thought it was incredible how KU overshadowed MU with all the built in advantages MU has.
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