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LOL, I haven't explained it because you seem to be the only person that doesn't get it. Imagine that, it hasn't been a problem at all. Don't call someone a pedophile. That's a boundry that the moderator team has decided won't be tolerated.

People allude to racist remarks in this forum ALL THE TIME here but they don't get banned unless they out and out say it. Look at it as similar to that rule, and if another mod decides to ban you, whine to them.

Hopefully this clears up your confusion and will allow you to have firm boundries in place to enjoy your Chiefsplanet experience.
This place has too many rules. I am only allowed to call someone a shitbag, ****head, one who sucks the penis, idiot, moron, take it the ass ****tard, moonbat, libtard, neocon, rightwing wacko, leftwing wacko and a few other things. What will I do when I really need to let someone know I don't like them
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