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Originally Posted by SNR View Post
People are obsessed with what the Redskins did last year.

Maybe it was smart. I know at the time, though, everybody said they were crazy for bringing in another QB in the 4th round like that.

Now some Chiefs fans want to use a 1st and a THIRD round pick (and a high one at that) to get our franchise guy and back up.

This shit has to end somewhere, guys. They're BACKUPS for ****'s sake
This. The benefit they got was an exception, not a norm.

Originally Posted by Pestilence View Post
If anyone should go after should be the Cardinals.
Cardinals have already tried the Eagles back-up route.

Originally Posted by BossChief View Post
If we are gonna trade for Foles, it better be for a 2014 draft pick and no more than a 3rd.
I could live with that.

Originally Posted by Sorter View Post
Hopefully he isn't that dumb
LOL at a lot of posters here who sooo wanted Chip Kelly.

Originally Posted by HotCarl View Post
Worrisome. You don't trade draft picks for a player you intend to be a backup.
If Foles is with the Chiefs, it's an indication that Reid thinks highly of him and will give him a solid chance to start. I don't think Reid would want him as a back up. I think he may have seen something in the kid during his starts last year.

Originally Posted by Frosty View Post
If you go by the draft chart, moving from #4 to #1 is 1200 points, the same value as the #12 pick in the first round. Doing the trade as above would be essentially saying that Foles is worth a middle first round pick. No way.

If the Chiefs do something like this, they better get Foles, the Eagles' 2nd pick this year (540 points) and a conditional 2nd or 3rd next year (and maybe even a later round pick this year) or they are leaving too much value on the table.
Technically true. But realistically they won't get that much. I hear draft charts are no longer the drafting bible.

Originally Posted by jspchief View Post

Sources: Eagles not likely to trade Nick Foles

Posting from my phone or I would post entire article.
They are trying to increase his value. Just posturing. I think they want to trade him. He is simply not a Chip Kelly type QB.

Originally Posted by jspchief View Post
Philly would have little incentive to get rid of Foles unless they got above market value in trade. They need a viable backup if they are trotting Vick out as the starter. How would they improve over Foles?
If he doesn't fit the Chip Kelly system he's basically useless to them. That's a pretty good incentive to trade him.
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