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HEY! Your face is retarded!

Well, no one called me out on this... this is a (with my changes) word for word reprint of an actual article about a gay soccer player coming out which I found to be pretty funny. I played soccer my entire life (club level in college, I'm not that good... but some of the guys I played with were ex-college players) and I just can't see being gay as anything close to a big deal in the American soccer community. Maybe there is some MASSIVE cultural shift once you get past college into the pros... but I doubt it. So, I thought it'd be fun to rewrite the story as a parody for Zach's benefit and the bastard didn't bite! Well played sir, well played.

Here is the real story for anyone who cares...

I guess my career as a writer for the Onion is over before it ever began!
Ha, well I was a lil off guard by skimming and just assuming you posted the actual news item. Though I thought...why on earth is it AC posting this. Heh.
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