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Originally Posted by Baby Lee View Post
In that one, there was a subway [or BART or whatever Seattle has] accident, and a steel pole rams through both a young white girl and middle aged black man, conjoining them through their chests. its obvious both can't survive. Pretty intense.

I'd submit that for all the Sopranos and The Shield did, ER was the genesis of the golden age of TV. And the first 2 seasons of Grey's Anatomy is epic TV, no matter how melodramatic it got subsequently. EPIC TV. I probably cried every 3 episodes at least. And I'm talking wailing and curling up on my bed. If you can suppress your souring on the genre, I'd recommend go back there.

Michael Chrichton and John Wells, the writing alone.

Then Shonda Rimes.

Titans IMO, up there with Milch and WAAAAAY the **** ahead of Sorkin.
That episode sounds fairly reminicent to the very early Homicide: Life On The Street episode (those were so good with Yaphett Koto) where a man is impaled on a subway. Probably the best show of the lot.

I had forgotten Crichton was one of the original writers. You have convinced me to give it a second shot.
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