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Originally Posted by BucEyedPea View Post
You're right. I saw my name and read the rest wrong. My apologies.
I am genuinely impressed. Apologies accepted.

Now to emotion regulation, I disagree with their premise that earlier schooling will improve upon a child's poor skills for a few reasons. First, emotion regulation and the ability to achieve this and regulate internally begins at birth. A baby cries because they need a basic need met, such as food or something scared them and they need to be comforted. When the parent responds appropriately and in a timely manner, they relieve the stress and anxiety in the child. Over time, the child learns to regulate emotions and not lash out with negative behaviors when they feel hungry, scared, sad, etc. because they have learned to regulate those emotions based on the fact that they are comforted in knowing that their needs will eventually be met. The ability to internally regulate and control emotions is not because a child is going to preschool it is because of what happens at home. Which leads to another point.

If you have a child that already has difficulty controlling emotions, further inhibiting their ability to receive appropriate responses to needs being met (going to pre-school) will only worsen their stress and anxiety in those situations. The higher the stress level and anxiety, the harder it is to control emotions. If anything a child going to school that isn't ready will only worsen their emotion regulation.

Sure, schooling could help show the child their outburst of emotions are not appropriate and that they need to behave in certain ways, but this is more of a bandaid on a larger problem, because internally they are still struggling with their emotions. It is nice to not have a child hit another child because he wants to avoid getting in trouble. But it is even better for the child to not want to hit the other child at because they can control their anger in an appropriate way that doesn't involve lashing out at others.
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