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Originally Posted by WhiteWhale View Post
I don't think anything works in absolutes, but I would argue the only kids who don't need it are kids who regularly socialize with kids their own age in other ways.

To me, that's the most important thing. One thing I do know is that if a kid lacks social skills putting it off may seem like the best thing for them, but it's probably not the best thing long term.

Of course, they could have some developmental disorder or something like that as well.

Nothing is absolute.
It isn't just about social skills though. Yeah, pre-school is a great way for kids to start learning social skills but kids can learn those without going to school. I am pretty sure daycares don't just have one kid sittting in a room by themself. My nephew was going to local kids gyms and playing in parks long before starting preschool earlier this year.

There are so many factors beyond just age that determine if a child is ready to go to preschool, such as physical/developmental health, emotional stability, and familial stability. Again, I think pre-school is good but I think it is hard to say every child should be mandated to go to preschool because they hit a certain age, despite whether or not they are ready.Afterall, it isn't like this is something that isn't available right now anyways.

Heck, it is already pretty common to hold kids back in kindergarten because they aren't ready to move on. I wonder how many would stay in preschool an extra year.
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