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You speak as if the outcomes are a known fact. They aren't. Not remotely. In fact, you know A LOT more about Alex Smith than Geno Smith. And you knew A LOT more about Matt Cassel than Mark Sanchez.

My view is that you trust the professionals, always. The process they use is far more substantive and informed than the process almost any fan uses.

Talk about it all you want, but the moment the fan starts taking their opinions so seriously that they feel their evaluation process is better than the pros, is the moment they should take a break from things for a while.
I AM trusting the professionals. The reports are out there that nobody wants or gives a shit about Alex Smith.

I know quite a bit about Geno Smith. I know he's got a chance of being a really really good QB in this league. I and other professionals in the business know that it's an infinitesimally small chance that Alex Smith becomes as good as Geno could possibly be.

That's why teams will spend a first round pick on Geno (hopefully it's the Chiefs who do it). They WON'T be trading a first round pick to the 49ers for Alex Smith. And I doubt a team does it for a 2nd or a 3rd, either.
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