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funny how the people who can't go one week without bashing God, and tell you how it's a fairy tale are same ones who like to tell you all bout God, hell, etc.

first off, hell is mentioned over 60 times in the OT. Jesus preached on hell more than any other subject.

Jesus didn't say don't judge, but warned if you do, you will be held to same standard.

you guys are incessantly and unabashedly total hypocrits.

You gus repeatedly say God doesn't exist, but then turn around and use His word against beleivers ..oh, it's true then..but only when it can be used as a weapon...just like you think when a believer falls short, it discredits God... you guys also love to correlate religion with God, when it suits your agenda...and it's doesn't invalidate God, if anything you are proving His word is true. You concentrate on mans shortcomings, in other words you are all stuck on the flesh when God is a spirit. You pimp Christ as the Lamb against others, but refuse to recognize him as the Lion. The Bible talks about his return more than any other guys love to hold believers accountable, while denying your own accountability

You don't afford the same scrutiny or mocking to any other beleif won't spend one iota of energy mocking any other faith... in fact, there a few here who call God imaginary, and then turn around an claim allah has a relationship with Muslims...i'll bet in the future, you''l defend Islam and lap it up like it's Kate uptons bathwater.

you'' never go into a prayer thread and bash God or prayer, because it would expose your hypocrisy. You won't mock Satan, cause you're scared..and you know, you'll just spend your time claiming hell doesn't exist, because then heaven doesn't exist.

you claim he isn't real but can't stop tlaking about Him..I'd bet the same 10 or so who do this couldn't last thirty days without bashing's part of your spirit. the mere mention of His name BURNS something inside of you...maybe you should find out why, instead of blaming it on others.

Originally Posted by stevieray View Post

Jesus didn't say don't judge, but warned if you do, you will be held to same standard.
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