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If your son's parents both played basketball and met at KU, your comparison would be a bit stronger. X was free to do what he wanted, but there were zero compelling reasons not to choose KU. Which he eventually did, thanks to Cal's departure.
Agreed, the only thing I can add to it was, he lived RCJH for the first 10 years of his life, the 2 years later other kids influence started to mettle his way of thinking. He started joking around about it with me as a dig telling me was going to go to Louisville. Now his BF moved away and moved back to Louisville and now Louisville has another calling reason to him.

A lot can change between now and 4 years later, I can live with just about any place but a few. It's not my call, it's his, but let me tell you, it would be hard as HELL if his choice is a few of them.
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