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Originally Posted by Saul Good View Post
So both teams were below their season averages by roughly the same amount.
Yes... as I stated previously.

Originally Posted by Saul Good View Post
This game just came down to making plays at the end.
Kind of. Florida was horrid from the foul line which didn't allow them to close out the game. Florida was also affected more by poor shooting from 3pt range since they took 11 more 3pt attempts than Mizzou. Florida's FG% overall compared to their average was lower than Mizzou's.

It came down to Florida's poor shooting (3pt, field, and foul line) and Mizzou's defense causing TOs and disallowing Florida to go inside.

Originally Posted by DaKCMan AP
Mizzou shot a putrid 22.7% from 3pt compared to Florida's 30.3%. However, Florida averages 39% from 3pt while Mizzou averages 33.8% so the comparative differences from the norm were 9% and 11%, respectively. The major difference is that Florida attempted 11 more 3's than Mizzou. Additionally, Mizzou was only 1.5% off from their normal FG% while Florida shot 8.6% below their average FG% and were 50% from the foul line (include at least 3 missed front-ends of 1-and-1's).
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