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It really depends, dude.

If we pass on Geno Smith for a different QB at #1, the board might implode, but only because people will be so ****ing elated that we at least took a ****ing QB in the first round for the first time in 30 years. You might see some people questioning the pick, but overwhelmingly people will be happy with it. I, for one, will be happy if it's Barkley or Wilson.

If we draft Star, then yes, you are correct. There will be rape.

It's not about Geno. It's about maximizing our opportunity with the ONE AND ONLY #1 overall pick we'll likely EVER have.

Gone before we picked? Not this year.

Somebody traded in front of us and took our guy? Not this year.

Too costly to trade up? Not this year.

I don't HAVE to have Geno. But I do HAVE to have a QB. I happen to think that Geno is the best QB in this class and think he would be the best pick at #1. He's not the only choice, though.

But if this team takes Luke Joeckel or Star Lotulelei, I am done. It sounds like a cop out but it isn't. I've put up with this team for far too long. Too many mistakes, too much bullshit. Is it fair not to trust Reid and Dorsey? No. But that's human nature. I've been burned by this team too many times.
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