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Originally Posted by Dave Lane View Post
So what's your assessment of Ratzinger after watching it? Would you seriously have wanted him to continue in the role of the pope after viewing this? I know your focus is going to be on the church and its needs as shown by your responses to the film.

I choose to focus more on the victims and I'm afraid I'm unwilling to have any compassion for a man that is literally 1,000 times worse than Joe Paterno. What was done was disgusting and vile. Both by a organization riddled with pedophiles and those that covered it up.

I truly hope someday you can shed your blinders and see this for what it is. For 500 years the church has been saying "we're not like that now we've changed. " But have they? I don't think so, I think its a corrupt little fiefdom, largely supported by brainwashed laypeople. The catholic church has had 2000 years to refine it's brainwashing, find key mental leverage points, develop rules and a hierarchy system that protects itself and its perks above all else.
The hierarchy of the Church is not the entirety of Roman Catholicism just as the government of the United States is not America. Perhaps some small number are brainwashed by the power structure of either institution, but just as the majority of Americans are primarily focused on our founding principles and not on our governing bodies, the majority of Catholic laity is primarily focused on God. Christ's church has survived and thrived despite many upheavals in the Church and it will continue to do so long after you're taking a dirt nap, my friend.
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