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Blog is up....

Whatís going on everybody! Itís me, of course, and Iím excited to let you guys know that Iím back on the court. I know most of you already know that, but Iím still excited to be playing the game that I love.

Ya know, I was actually a little nervous, which was a little weird for me. I think I was just so excited to get back. I had a lot of fun out there. To be honest, I didnít feel anything wrong with my foot. Nothing.

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The only thing was I was a little rusty, but that comes with reps so Iím not worried about that. I still put up solid numbers (19 points, 10 rebounds and three assists) for the short time I actually played. Iím getting my rhythm back now. My explosion feels great too. Iím just excited man! Everyday my foot is getting stronger and stronger and my timing is getting better and better. I can still hoop!

Weíve got a game tonight and itís the state tournament now, so we canít lose anymore. Iím just excited to have another chance to win another state championship. Iím blessed to be in this position. I love to test myself and see where Iím at, but Iíve been putting in a lot of work and everything is back.

Of course by now everyone knows about McDonaldís watching my progress over the next couple of weeks, but Iím not stressing over that situation. I definitely want to be in the game, but I can only control what I do on the court and the work I put in; everything else is out of my hands. Iím going hard every play, as always, and I know that situation will take care of itself.

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Right now Iím completely focused on states.

I feel like weíre the favorite until we lose since we won last year. I think we can do it. Our team is ready.

OK, well I know everyone wants to hear about my visit to Kansas.

Well, when I got to the airport Coach (Norm) Roberts picked me and my mom up in a Mercedes van. That was real nice. Itís about an hour drive from the airport to campus so I was definitely comfortable riding in that.

He took us straight to College GameDay and when I walked in the fans went absolutely crazy. Those fans were really loud. I mean those fans were just crazy. They mightíve been the best fans Iíve seen. They chanted all throughout the game and they were loud. I heard it pretty loud at N.C. State, but these guys were just loud.

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The game was fun too. They had a lot of alumni there and I already knew Thomas (Robinson) so it was cool catching up with him. Then the Morris twins were there and Mario Chalmers had his jersey retired that night. Every time they showed that clutch shot that he made against Memphis the crowd went crazy. And they showed it like 20 times. I loved that. It showed me how much the fans love their players even after they leave. I really liked that part.

That night I got to hang out with all of the players and we had a good time.

Sunday we met with the academic advisors and took the tours and things like that. They gave me a lot of good information. Then I finally got to meet their strength coach Andrea Hudy. Sheís just a beast, man. Sheís the best Iíve seen. I would love to work with her. Just seeing how she does stuff is crazy.

Then I got some shots up after that. I just love to workout so to be able to do it there was pretty cool.

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Later that night, we all got together at Coach (Bill) Selfís house and had a crazy spread of food. It was good too. Everybody had a good time just hanging out and talking.

That was a great visit. Kansas really made a big impression on me. I know Iíd have a legit chance to win a national championship there.

Now all of the visits are done and Iíve got to really start to think about what I want to do. It could be a really stressful situation because this thing is hard. I know the truth is that all of these schools would be perfect. But Iím not letting it stress me out; Iíve just got to go to the best system for me.

The place that fits me and the place that Iíll be happy. Wherever I felt the happiest is the place that Iím gonna go to.

Itís hard though! I canít lie; it kinda kept me up last night. My mind was racing and I couldnít go to sleep so I just stayed up and watched some TV. I think itíll help that Iím so focused on winning the state title now. Then Iíve got spring break to take my mind off of things so thatíll be good.

I havenít set any dates to decide or anything like that just because I donít know where I want to go.

But, like I said, Iím not gonna get stressed, Iím too happy to be back on the court.

Coach (Mark) Gottfried and Coach (Orlando) Early from N.C. State came in to see me the other day and we had a really good talk. They basically just wanted to answer any questions I mightíve had. It was cool.

I think, at this point, Iím gonna shut all of my visits with coaches down. Iíve got all the information now Iím gonna take time to process it all. So I wonít be meeting with any more coaches.

OK everybody, Iím gonna get out of here and get into game mode for tonight. You guys wish me luck and Iíll be back with another blog soon to let you guys know how everything went. Iím gonna definitely be going hard!

Talk to you later.
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