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No, not really. Not legally, not morally. The Bishops who would follow the rules and send their accused priests to therapy were not evil people. Those priests who sexually abused children were evil. This is an important distinction that you need to recognize. If you think there were Bishops who knowingly or intentionally sought to see more children abused, you are going way beyond the evidence and have serious bad-faith premises that completely de-legitimize yourself in this argument.

Yes, this is true in so many cases. The entire Church hierarchy failed. The rules and laws that set up the framework for the hierarchy failed.

No person, not even the Pope and Roman Curia, is saying otherwise. That is why there has been a complete overhaul of those rules and laws when it comes to preventing and rooting out sexual abuse of children.
Yes really. Perhaps not legally (although if they worked in a secular environment then probably legally), and absolutely morally. Especially when a Priest is moved multiple times to multiple parishes. You would think after awhile, those in charge of moving these priests around would realize that the therapy was not working, and maybe, just maybe, something should be done to protect the children. They had a moral obligation to report a crime, and they failed to do so, period. That is how I see it. Just because someone is ordained does not make them immune to the laws of the land. At the end of the day, the intent of the Bishops is irrelevant. It is common sense that you should not put a known child molester in a position where he is alone with young boys...and yet this happened again and again.

When Pope Benedict face the Lord Almighty in the afterlife, that is going to be the question asked of him...why...why did you not protect the children?

I have kids, so I will admit that my judgement is skewed in this regard.

As to the bolded part of your statement...if those priests were evil, and the Bishops knew they were evil (since you acknowledge them as evil, it is not a stretch to believe that a Bishop would know evil when he saw it), then why were evil priests allowed to continue to minister to the flock? Shouldn't the flock be protected from evil?
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