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Originally Posted by RNR View Post
The guys that I have talked to talk highly of him. If I like what what I run through my Sig I will stock up on my other ammo needs. If it works out I will become a good customer if satisfied will be much larger. With the way things are going one way or another I will never find myself this low on ammo again (around 400 rounds) I am going to setup a minimum of 5000 on my guns. As far as safes go I am in the process of designing a floor safe~
I will be picking up a safe soon as well. When I was at Cabela's today, I was looking at their top of the line safes and was not impressed. (Made by Liberty) I think I'm going to end up going with a Fort Knox brand safe. I go to take a look at them tomorrow. There is an outfit here in town that will transport it to your house and place it for $180. This thing is over 1000 pounds, so you can bet your ass, I'll be taking them up on that deal.

180 clams vs ****ing up my back...........have at it boys.
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