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Heh, I've been looking at vehicles and CL is driving me ****ing nuts. First off, what is the deal with the morons who can't even upload one damn decent picture of their vehicle? I'd like to have some idea of what I'm looking at before I head out.

And for ****'s sake, some critical information about the vehicle would be nice. Don't leave out important things like the mileage, type of engine, and other features. And then there's the ****ing car dealers with this "call for price" bullshit. What. The. Hell. That is, without question, the single most important factor in a vehicle purchase, and you're going to keep it some kind of goddamn secret? Back button, move on to the next one.

And then I find something I'm interested in, and the jackwads don't ****ing respond, or wait 3 days to respond to tell me the vehicle has been sold but they are too ****ing lazy to remove their goddamn ad. **** them all.
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