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Originally Posted by Valiant View Post
Umm, consoles have become PC's that happen to have a game controller with it in the box.. What everyone is raving about on consoles has been done for 10years on those so called PC's no one plays..

Resistance is futile..
I've built my own computers since I was 14, I know PC gaming, you don't have to sit there and try to talk to me like I'm a homer for consoles. Between playing WoW since BETA and first person shooters on the PC, I know the value of a great rig (not that WoW stretches graphical barriers but you get my drift, Crysis 1 and 2, Farcry or Guild Wars can be subbed in etc). I'm not bragging because I'm not what I used to be, but the simple math comes down to this:

If you're a person who can't build a PC and doesn't have $2000+ to drop on an overpriced Dell or Alienware, you're going to go with the console at less than half the price. You can take consoles with you much easier than a PC, you can play Multiplayer with just one console as opposed to a PC, and PC's require much more know how than your typical console. If you build a computer and the MoBo goes out, there's so much more that goes into it than just getting a red ring of death and buying a new xbox for the same price as a primo motherboard goes for, then you have to worry about vid card, processor, hard drive, you know the drill.

I guess it just comes down to who you game with. Back in the day when I played Counterstrike competitively and went to alot of LAN parties, PC gaming was my thing. But if I'm a guy who plays Madden and the latest Halo game with my buddies then I see an Xbox is the way to go. Luckily I've always favored PC gaming because I can put the extra effort into making my rig the right one for me, but when you come down to teenagers and kids, consoles will win out most of the time. These kids don't have the money to buy PC's unless they're working or their parents get them whatever they want, but I know that when kids ask for a PC or an Xbox, parents are going to go with the cheaper alternative most of the time.

With PCs you pay for what you get; graphical comparisons are a no brainer if you have a good to great rig, shooters are infinetly better with mouse and keyboard, MMO's on consoles? Pfft. But I'll always have a PC and a console because I like the variety. To say that consoles are going to die out is the most ridiculous jargon I've ever heard, just because we went through a recession and this generation of consoles is late to the party by a couple years, this article seems to start mass panic and a far fetched conclusion that is unlikely at best.

Also don't compare Android and IOS games to console games. You're going against numbers like the ten gajillion people who've bought Angry Birds because it's .99 and they need a time waster. I somehow doubt the entire world of underground Angry Birds competitive leagues will ever be considered hardcore gamers. If you tell me that you can somehow do better on Megaman X for IOS than you could with a PC emulator and a controller then I'll punch you in the face.

You wouldn't play Uncharted on a tablet just as you wouldn't play WoW on a console. If you want to be the guy that says, "FFXI was the shit on the Xbox!!!" Then go ahead, but I don't know a single person like you.
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