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Originally Posted by Discuss Thrower View Post
6'0 215lb college-fratboy beer gut and a tight neck that doesnt give me a good jawline or manly chin, so I hide it with goatee.

I don't try; I have no game, and I'm okay with that. It's all confidence and I have none of that. When you wake up every morning and realize who you are and have to put on a false front just to impress people who wouldnt normally give a shit about you, it doesn't seem worth it.

I have my friends and that's all that matters now.
Don't worry about all that. Just learn to be happy with yourself being single and don't dwell on being "alone". I've been divorced for 11 years and been single almost all of that time. I love the freedom to take vacations and go where ever I want at the drop of hat without having to make plans or ask permission. I only had 2k in the bank when I got divorced and now I am getting ready to close on a nice 3br house that I am paying cash for.
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