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Originally Posted by COchief View Post
Bug, did this guy drop his price?

Even though it's a small dealer, he has glowing reviews and quite a few on

This looks like a good ride, you're getting a big discount due to the stick. Looks like he tagged something with the front bumper, but that piece that is missing is about as strong as saran wrap so I wouldn't worry too much.

Also, if this is still available, I would be tempted to drive to Omaha, kick you in the nuts and steal your money and leave it in the driveway for you.

I get the appeal of the Durango and like them too, but listen to Nancy "just say no".
I think that's still the same price on the Xterra, I suppose I should head back down there and take a closer look at it. He did brag about his internet reviews when I was down there last week but something about him just rubbed me the wrong way.

I have not seen that 4runner, did a search for them a while back and they were all waaay out of my price range. That looks like a damn good deal, almost too good. I wouldn't be able to get to Lincoln until tomorrow though, I bet it doesn't last too long.
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