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Originally Posted by rtmike View Post
So you ran 208,000 miles a year?

It's was always my understanding that you could only legally log 135-140k a year?

Just curious, as that's a lot of miles since it works out to 4000 miles a week 52 weeks a year.

The most I ever run was 15k a month. I think I was more stressed over running 3 logbooks vs. ever being tired. I had a lot of light loads that month. A restored fire engine ladder from Boston to Seattle & in turn took back a "core" ladder so right there that was like 6k miles. I averaged 6.6 MPG on those trips', of course that was back in '91 & it absolutely sucked in the Midwest both times due to snow slick roads.
I was never intimidated by inclement weather as long as I was heavy & the load wasn't high catching wind.
Prior to the log book changes a few years ago, we could run 120hrs in 14days with 1, 48hr period off. And an auto reset crossing the border
Our lawys up here were a lot different than the US HOS.
But either way, being an independent, I ran "loose leaf" as opposed to books. Show a weigh master a clip board wiuth 7 sheets and the 1 your working on, and they'll close it up and hand it back to ya.
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