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We better not move down with a team that wants a QB for less than full price.

Going from 1 to 4 is a 1200 point difference, basically the 12th overall pick worth of point value.

They would need to give us 4, Foles and next years first to make that deal.


Otherwise, we better just take Geno and go into the season with a "let the best man win" mentality.
Come on man, what is full price based on?!

We will NOT get the draft chart dictated compensation. It's just not that kind of a draft. There's simply no elite player at the top of the draft. Almost anything in extra picks (or Foles) we get from the Eagles is a bonus. And we still get one of several players that I'm sure the Chiefs hold virtually equal in value. We don't know how hard the Eagles' chubby is for Geno, but if it is even semi hard it's a win win trade for both parties.

And we are NOT taking Geno at the top unless the AS trade was bogus or Geno is drafted to be traded.
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