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He speaks his mind....and he speaks truth. Something 99% of the other politicians in this country don't do. Most are just fake bought off puppets at the higher levels of govt that look out for themselves and their friends before looking out for what's right and in the interests of this country.

Some people may think that he's a "kook"...for what?!?! Believing in not crapping all over the constitution? We've crawled so far down the rabbit hole of hell in this country that's there's almost no point of return. When he opens his mouth about ending the federal reserve and bringing ALL of our troops home people think he's insane because the last 3-4 generations have been accustomed to war war war, massive govt spending and taxation, and fraudulent banking practices. And most people would care more about who got dumped on ABC's The Bachelor or who performed well on American Idol than to give any kind of shit about the bullshit legislation these tyrants are trying to pass in our Congress. For years and years govt and mainstream media have done nothing but lie to us, 80-90% of the people in this country are completely asleep at the wheel when it comes to politics and geo-political when Ron Paul talks about freedom and protection of the constitution, people think he's insane.

It's just sad really.....this is not a left/right issue, it's a American and freedom issue. These crooks in DC are passing legislation left and right taking away our rights provided by the constitution and their selling it as "protection from the terrorists". And it's not just's Bush, it's Clinton, it's BushSr. All of these guys and their circle of friends all work and are in connections with the big global banking mafias who simply want control of everything. That's it. It's that simple....and they sell this right vs left paradigm like ones better than the other when it's not, It's all one of the same just with different rhetoric. You idiots that voted for'd that turn out? He's been a colossal failure as the POTUS. So was GWB. Romney wouldn't have been any better. The GOP is currently starting to prop up Geb ****ing Bush to run in 2016. That's right....another Bush family member. Another member with deep roots in the CIA and the foreign commodities markets.

Let me ask you people this....does our military protect our freedom? From what? Who's attacking the United States? When is the last time we've been invaded by another country? That would never happen because each household across the nation has ****ing weapons to fight back because that's what this country was founded upon, and now these arrogant retarded liberals want to take those rights away and for what purpose? To make believe that banning guns will keep them out of criminals hands? You know how ****ing stupid that sounds? Banning guns will take guns out of CRIMINALS hands and will make us all safer. I'm tired of ranting. This country is going down the shitter and nobody cares about anything other than petty sociological issues like gay marriage and shit. WHO ****ING CARES.

All I want is a POTUS that speaks his mind and the truth. If he makes a mistake then own up to it...don't lie and cover it up and create some fairy tale as to what really happened. We need a president and a congress that truly cares for this country's people and not for themselves and the $$$ that comes w/ the job.
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