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Originally Posted by Chiefnj2 View Post
Phillip is only one small step above Brandon in terms of social graces and mental stability. Brandon was correct about a few things (1) the whole secret agent code name things are incredibly stupid, (2) Phillip really isn't the leader, (3) he played Brandon 100% wrong which led to the meltdown. The only smart thing Phillip did was walk away and not get chopped into a million pieces by little Hantz.
Brandon was also correct about Phillip not "winning" the challenge for the team. Phillip lasted longer because he had a much lighter net than Brandon did. The other team focused on getting coconuts into Brandon's net before turning their attention to Phillip. Also, the guy on the other team who was left at the end had terrible technique. He didn't leverage the weight at all the way he was holding the rope.

Regardless, while Brandon was in the right on many of his reasons he's nearly always in the wrong in the way he expresses himself, the decisions he makes, and the actions he takes.
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