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Originally Posted by Chiefnj2 View Post
And, on an unrelated note, I hate the fact that the immunity idols are so easily discovered. When the show first started weren't they buried and virtually impossible to find without getting some clues? It seems so lame that they find them after a 20 minute walk in the woods.
Yeah - this is probably the least interested I've been in a season in quite some time.

1. I'm tired of bringing back old cast members. It's lame and played out. Bring in all new people.

2. As others have mentioned, the challenges suck. They're all the same and repeats from previous seasons. They need to add some creativity.

3. You're right. The immunity idol deal is ridiculous. It used to take several clues and real searching. Now they always find it without any clues. I remember when they used to be buried a few feet in the sand and you needed clues to locate where to dig (i.e. 10 paces north from the y-shaped tree).

4. The cast members on this season are just boring. Outside of Phillip & Brandon (both unlikable) the people they brought back are uninteresting and have zero personality. Then the new people are dry too. Just total fail by casting this season.
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