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Jerome Mecheck had a good game. I laughed when Jerome started taking the ball out at the south end and I was like woah wait for Besler to throw it in. Some guy said "HEY NEW GUY>>>AROUND HERE WE LET BESLER THROW IT IN. It was very cold out and lots of people in my section left early. South West stands it was very quiet and you could watch the game in peace. The caudron was loud as hell as (blue) Uri was ok...Sapong meh....Taca didn't get the rock one did much of anything actually. I am so over the get the ball outside the box and swing it wide to Sinovic. Be more creative. Maybe back door pay with Sinvoic. I though maybe Peterson Joseph and Saad could have came in earlier for alittle bit of a umph but whatever. Chicago didn't do crap other than bunker down and there was clean sheet for Jimmy Nielson.
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