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Originally Posted by gblowfish View Post
Wow....which Tigers do I hate the most?

Ricky Clemons is easy. But Snyder was an idiot to recruit him.

Derek Grimm: Didn't move up to stop Tyus Edney. Let him go coast to coast to cost us a Final Four. Stupid ****.

The Haley Twins: Two guys, but one player. Good for four points and ten fouls a game.

Kim English and Marcus Denmon: I can never forgive them for losing to Norfolk ****ing State.

Travis Ford: Leaving Missouri to go to Kentucky. I'm sure his heritage as a Tiger will mean a first round loss for OSU in the NCAA..

Clarence Gilbert: Never saw a three point shot he didn't like. Shot 18 of them in one NCAA tournament game VS. UCLA.
I'm with you here on this except a couple of comments....

If you are going to hate Buck Grimm then you have to also hate Jason Sutherland. He was just as responsible for Tyus Edney as Grimm was....

I can't hate Marcus Denmon...although I still shake my head at them losing to Norfolk State. I will always look back at the shot from over half court at the end of the first half a$$-kicking that MU handed Memphis and smile. Plus several other nice reminders of his 4 years at MU.

Everyone else on this list gets a big thumbs-up from me. Might even add a couple more if I actually thought about it.
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