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Originally Posted by Rapist View Post
Things looking up for Wisconsin's first round game against Ole Miss?

I really have to hand it to Marshall Henderson, the Ole Miss star guard who continues to win in college in so many ways better than I ever could have approached or imagined. The polarizing player hasn't shied away from partying to impressive lengths this season -- and has been more than willing to have the photos wind up on the Internet.

That's pretty rare in the 2013 social media era. Apparently nobody in Oxford has walked up to Henderson and said, "You know, you might want to reel it in."

So we're all the better for it, or at least entertained by it. Here's what the man was apparently doing Sunday night, after learning the Rebels took a 12 seed and will go up against No. 5 Wisconsin on Friday. This apparent photo of Henderson was sent Sunday night via Twitter.

That's Ole Miss football players Denzel Nkemdiche and Chief Brown above. Henderson tweeted soon thereafter, "jst had to say .... 10 IN A ROW IN PONG!! WHO WANTS TO SEE US?!?!"

Beer-pong boasting: a college tradition as old and proud as fight songs and cramming for midterms. And, for the record, Henderson is 22. That wasn't the only terrific Henderson photo from Sunday. After he land-sharked and gator-chomped Florida in the SEC title game, he then apparently posed for this picture, another coming via Twitter. Important to note: Henderson has actually been arrested before.
Not to mention the guy is damn good bball player.
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