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Sonnabitch....some of this stuff may be some of my favorite work.....

"Judging by your game I've seen here so far, I doubt if you could score with Maggie in the last scene of Million Dollar Baby.

As stated before, I could eat a bowl of Alphabits and crap better smack than you'd be able to deal with, if your entire Dungeon and Dragon team were loaning you their smack pokemon.

If over estimating your own cerebral meanderings were cow feces, you'd be heaped up in Western Kansas stinking out a town unfortunate enough to be downwind.

I'll sleep just fine tonight, knowing that the last p@ssy you had your face in that wasn't paid for, involved your mother's cervix clenching your shoulders."
Indeed. I think he got bent over pretty hard by several vets of the site. There's a reason that mess is in the HOC.
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