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No but we have the luxury of hindsight. Sticking with the region, causes, and non global wars, was Libya in 1812, 1986, 2011; Lebanon in 1958, 1982; Iran/Persian Gulf in 1980, 1987-90; Kuwait 1991, Afghanistan 1982- 89, 2001-today; Iraq, 1991-2002, answered OIF but separate question was OIF PH III worth it and then to have just left in the summer of 2003?
Then again everything from 1980 is personal to me and I’m sorry but I don’t remember you guys on any of these deployments and particularly during the planning and execution of OIF PH III. Lesson for me remains, kill your enemies, listen to the lamentations of their women, and then walk away. Attempting to rebuild the world in our image or as we would like it to be using the military tool of national power is literally applying the wrong tool. The cost of that misuses in U.S. capital-everyway that can be defined: our people, money, integrity, leadership, policies, politics has proven to be not worth it. But at the time the end state for the invasion was the removal of Saddam. The great WMD hunt was the secondary reason. The Iraq resolution in Oct 2002 passed with a vote of 297-133 with 3 non votes in the House and 77 to 23 in the Senate. Hindsight is great isn’t it?
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