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You realize that many of those quotes represent what the speaker believed at the time, right? Those aren't examples of lies and they aren't examples of people intentionally trying to mislead. They're examples of people getting something wrong. But when you compile them together to get a large number of what you call misleading statements, you give the impression that they were intentionally misleading.
You know what Pat, just let these A.N.S.W.E.R., code pink wack jobs have their 15 minute circle jerk. They miss the good ol' days circa 2002-2008 when they could bash Dubya all day every day 24/7. 99% sucked obama's cock and 99.5% of them still do. And ya know, they miss those good days when Dubya was the punching bag, not dear leader.

Let them go. They are so full of shit they float. And one of the jackasses had the nerve to use the word "integrity" on me. LMFAO
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