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If Reid and Dorsey believe that Alex Smith is on an upward trajectory careerwise, then we got him for a steal.

Therein lies the key. I'm not expecting it, but I'm hopeful that Dorsey and Reid know more about football than I do, and have made a shrewd move here.

As far as Geno, I'd still like to draft him at 1-1 regardless. Can you friggin' IMAGINE this joint--without a serious beef to whine-and-bitch-and-snivel about??!!! Otherwise, re-acquiring a second and settling for a 2nd-3rd round QB developmental project could be okay too--though, clearly, much less orgasmic.

For now, given the off-season moves and the Pro-bowlers on this squad, I seriously cannot imagine NOT winning at least 8 or 9 games; on the other hand, that's clearly not even close to good enough...unless they do draft Geno too. In that case, the FO and Coaching staff would have earned another year to guage exactly where we "are" by the end of next year.
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