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If you want to live up to the first part of your user name and extract every drop of financial value out of every transaction, you can certainly make that case.
Dude, come on man.
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Look at what the latter two did for our young pitchers this offseason. There's real value in that that can never be measured on a Fangraphs page of what the player would receive in a FA market where everyone is overpaid as a consequence of the market's inherent irrationality.
I'm okay with the contract because he brings that intangible that doesn't show up in any box score. He is a die hard Cardinal. Talks constantly about the way that Cardinal pitchers behave, work out, help each other etc. He walked the walk. After Miller spent the weekend with him last year, he turned over a new leaf and now he is prospering again.

These young pitching studs need a great example of how to pitch at the major league level. How to train to stay at the big league level. How to maintain that fire to win.

When I went to the Atlanta playoff game last year, Waino was all over the practice field and during batting practice talking, joking with players and small groups. They all seem to listen and joke around with him. It was as obvious as it could be that he was viewed with respect by his teammates.

Waino is a leader that everyone respects. I'm damn glad I don't have to see another one of my favorite players in another uniform. That curveball to Beltran, I got to see him win a World Series for my team in person. Damn glad he is a Cardinal for life.
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