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The libtards never fail to impress with the depths of their hypocrisy or ignorance. People entering this country illegally to sell drugs can stay, but religiously persecuted? Nah, they got to go!

Liberals are for our freedoms! ...Except to practice religion, own guns, right to life, choice of health care, choice of energy supplier / type, smoking, drink size, joining unions, light bulbs, plastic bags, so on and so on and so on....
I have no problem with your religion, don't impose it on me. I have no problem with your right to own a gun as long as you doing so doesn't affect someone else. I have no problem with you having a choice of an abortion or not, don't dictate to me what my choice is. I have no problem if you want to continue on oil, but expect that it will run out, it's ruining the atmosphere, and eventually the costs will be even higher--all things that are affecting me. I have no problem with you drinking all the soda pop in the world and smoking 10000000 cigarettes a day, but don't come to me to pay for your fat asses emphysema. I have no problems with the situation on light bulbs, but as I understand it it's using less natural resources therefore it is good for all of us. I have no problem with you using plastic bags as long as you understand the damage that they do to the environment, what the cost of producing them does to oil--all of which affects me.

In fact, the only thing of which you said I agree with is that unions are the pooh. Because they drive up costs and that affects me.

Now don't get me wrong, there are some advantages that I have in the system being a single parent full time college student, but I'm not the one pretending that I'm a helpless victim being all trampled on. I'm at least honest about the situation which is this: Both sides are more than willing to trample over the freedoms of anybody who gets in their way in order to pander to their base.

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