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Originally Posted by Ebolapox View Post
from a biological and evolutionary standpoint, there's a reason there's a taboo against incest--families tend to segregate and be heterozygous for the same lethal mutations (aka, it would be embryonically lethal OR highly deleterious if you had two copies). when close family members reproduce, the odds of those two alleles coming together in the offspring are VERY high, and lead to reduced fitness in the offspring. This is selected against and manifests in the societal pressure against having a child with close family.

Regardless of whether they're consenting or not, when incest occurs and offspring happen, it's BAD.

When two gay or lesbians get together, NO OFFSPRING occur WITHOUT A SURROGATE. Being gay or lesbian has NO REDUCED FITNESS biologically speaking.

pedophilia--yeah, we'll not go there. it's a societal taboo for different reasons than incest. However, (and DON'T take this as me defending pedophilia--I think it's very sickening) it wasn't always a societal taboo. see also: ancient greece and several other ancient cultures.

as for man/woman pedophilia, recall that we haven't always lived as long as we do now--we aren't THAT far removed from women getting married in their pre-teens. is it right? as one that was raised in THIS society with THESE social mores, I'm against it. however, being that we're all the products of the society in which we grow up, somebody from 500 years or so ago would have a COMPLETELY different vantage point.
Consensual sterilization, some "mature" sooner than others. Problems solved.

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