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Originally Posted by Pawnmower View Post
i could be wrong but i dont believe you need to run a balance, you just need to pay the bill AFTER the report date so your balance gets pay it online like the last day you can, and it SHOULD have the same affect...

from what i understand.....and i guess it could depend on the card....

as long as the debt is reported you should not need to keep the balance.....thats the idea anyway...(if you charge something, and pay it off before it is reported to the big 3, they may never know you HAD the debt...)
Well what I would do was pay half the balance for a few months straight and then pay it off over a period of a couple of more months. I ate some finance charges but I guess running up a balance and paying it off is more credible that just paying your entire bill on time every month while you are still charging the same amount.
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