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Finished it Tuesday night. Really enjoyed it, probably the most gaming fun I've had since Deus Ex: HR
I just got that a month ago on 360! Haven't played it past the first part when he gets rick rolled by that enhanced guy before he got 100 million dollar man'd. I also got Dark Souls but I've been too busy can't sit down and enjoy either of them on a constant basis.

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Yes, lets not compare it to it's predecessors. Why in the world should we compare star wars 1 to star wars 2? That wouldn't make sense would it?
You compare everything but the atmosphere as I've noticed everyone on here fell in love with the heart pounding dark atmosphere of the previous games. A little child could tell Infinite is NOTHING like those others in atmosphere. So that can't even be compared when you're already biased on it. But hey let's not think objectively here. Why would anyone do that? Living life subjectively is the tits!
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