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Awesome episode from start to finish! Especially the finish!

Only thing that would have made the last 20 minutes better was if Mormont had choked the life out of the SOB that stabbed him from behind like a wuss. Sam getting Gilly out and on the run was good. I'm looking forward to that part and seeing where it goes next week.

Loved Varys in this episode. His wizard in a box revenge was cool, and something that wasn't in the books, though most of his dialogue in that scene was straight out of the books. Even his scene with Roz was enlightening, and any scene with the Queen of Thorns is enjoyable, she is a feisty one! Varys hasn't been seen much this season, but he was featured in this episode, and he delivered well.

Loved the scene with Tywin and Cersei. The actor playing Tywin may be the best one on the show (which is saying something). He is sooo perfect in that role. Tywin summing up what all book readers come to realize eventually, Cersei is just not as smart as she thinks she is. Margery is eating her for lunch on the show right now, which is funny. Watching Margery control and manipulate Joffrey with such ease, and much to Cersei's chagrin, is pretty entertaining.

The scene with Jaime and Brienne was excellent too. I really felt sorry for Jaime (sister banging, Ned stabbing, Bran throwing guy that he is). He saved Brienne, he's loyal to his family, and there may be another side of Jaime starting to come out, especially as he deals with the loss of his sword hand. The dynamic between him and Brienne has been well played, both actors doing a good job with those roles.

I liked the Brotherhood scene. Short, but spelled it all out quickly and effectively. Made it clear who Beric Dondarrion is, and what the role of the Brotherhood Without Banners is, and their affiliation with Melisandre's red god/lord of light. Arya (the bravest one of all) accusing the Hound of killing the butcher boy was right out of the books. She is ready to strike one name from her death-wish list! Can Beric beat the Hound?

The Bran scene may have been the only throw away scene in the episode as it didn't add much, but it was creepy and his dream scenes are always enjoyable.

I also really enjoyed the Theon scenes and how the little bastard screwed so badly with Theon's mind by letting him escape, appearing to help him, and then sneaking him right back into his torture room. Nicely played! Theon's heartbreaking realization that he chose wrong, and Ned was his true father, was a great scene too. Plus he spilled to that guy that Bran and Rickon are alive.

And of course Dany!! That was one of my favorite scenes in the books, and they did just a fantastic job with it on the show. "Khaleesi Kicks Ass!" should be the headline today! The scene of her army marching out with the dragons flying overhead was the perfect way to end a great episode.
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