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Originally Posted by chiefscafan View Post
Ok I'm gonna attempt my first mock draft. I personally would take geno but based on moves we already made I'll make it more realistic. I also do the trade for Albert but I play chicken with Miami and end up calling thier bluff and get the high second. I would also try to trade down but with no trades like that available here is my stab at it.

Round one (1): OT Eric Fisher Central Michigan

Analysis: He has a mean streak I don't see in Jokel. He doesn't just push pass rusher around QB, He drives them into the ground I want that kind of nastiness on the line.

Round two (42): WR Robert Woods USC

Analysis: Overshadowed by WR Marquis Lee won't be drafted as high as he should be. The man catches everything hard worker who will be great compliment to Bowe.

Round three (63): ILB John Bostic Florida

Analysis: As has been said by numerous people on here brings athlectiscm and a hard hitting attitude to this D. He is also a playmaker and man can he hit. We need this on the D. A pick like this can take this D from very good to elite.

Round three (96): OT/OG/OC Barrett Jones Alabama

Analysis: Doubt he's still here by this pick but because of concerns he might start year on IR could allow him to fall to here. I say we still take him. He Will miss first couple of weeks but toward the end hell be ready. The man has versatility can play anywhere. One less roster spot for The line. I love him he's nasty and very good at what he does.

Round four (99): FS TJ McDonald USC

Analysis: This allows Eric Berry to stay at his natural SS position. Good genes his dad Tim McDonald played in the league for ten plus years. Gets hurt by deep safety draft but he is a diamond playmaker in the rough. This is potentially a ten plus starter as well. Would be a great addition and would allow Berry more freedom.

Round five (134): QB Zac Dysert Miami (OH)

Analysis: Major potential already possesses qualities you can't teach. Footwork and accuracy can be taught and between Reid, Childress, and our OC I think they can develop him.

Round six (170): DE Mike Catapano Princeton

Analysis: This guy has a motor that just doesn't quit will be a great addition to our line. If he went to a bigger college football school he would be a top three round pick but ivy league makes him drop.

Round six (204): WR Connor Vernon Duke

Analysis: Just like woods catches everything. Bowe, Woods, Vernon good receiving core now can anyone throw to them??

Round seven (207): OT Manase Foketi West Texas A & M

Analysis: Ok I know he left KSU under bad circumstances but it doesn't change the fact he is very talented and at this point worth the gamble.

Ok so there you go my first attempt at this.
Wow, these are most of the guys I want. Fisher, Woods, Bostic.
I'll never forget where I was the day we drafted our future Hall of Fame QB!
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