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I'm wondering what she thinks would be achieved if Obama did ramp up his rhetoric?.?

And as far as her saying it was Obama that used Bush's rhetoric for political gain, sure he probably did, but you need to look no further than Bush's performance in the Muslim vote from '00 to '04 to see why Obama wouldn't want to adopt the same stance as the GOP in regards to discussing Muslims. Bush's plummet in the Muslim vote had nothing to do with Obama, so I'd like to hear how she explains it while trying to act like Bush was a Muslim lover.

And I gotta laugh at this

Terror attacks have been attempted at the same rate as during the Bush years (and have been thwarted slightly less successfully).
Yes, there have been more successful attacks but she's totally omitting their severity with that statement.

I'm also surprised she doesn't bring up drone strikes, which is a great argument for why there is so much anti-American sentiment.

Lastly, it's my belief that terrorism will never end until we become an isolationist non-superpower, and that won't happen any time soon. Even if we did become that, there will always be someone that feels slighted and is backed by an extremist ideology. So, in saying that, I can agree with her that the president's rhetoric has not changed much.
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